Reflux 0.1.2!

Reflux has updated to version 0.1.2 now with some bug fixes and the following new features:

Convenience mixin for ReactJS

Thanks to the suggestion and pull request by Ben Ripkens there is now a convenience mixin available for React users at Reflux.ListenerMixin. It mixes in the familiar listenTo method into your React component and handles the unsubscription automatically when component unmounts. Here is an example:

var Status = React.createClass({
    mixins: [Reflux.ListenerMixin],
    onStatusChange: function(status) {
            currentStatus: status
    componentDidMount: function() {
        this.listenTo(statusStore, this.onStatusChange);
    render: function() {
        // render specifics

Read more about it in issue #7 over at Github

Creating multiple actions

Creating multiple actions can now be done with Reflux.createActions([...]). Like this:

var Actions = Reflux.createActions([

// Actions object now contains the actions 
// with the names given in the array above
// that may be invoked as usual


Read more about it in issue #6 over at Github

Switched to eventemitter3

Because of some weirdness with NodeJS's implementation of EventEmitter, we switched over to the lightning bolt fast eventemitter3 for our event emitting needs. Don't like it? You can replace it e.g. with NodeJS internal EventEmitter like this:


Read more about it in issue #4 over at Github

Oh my! How do I get it!?

As usual, install with bower for client-side or npm for server-side or browserify builds:

bower install [save] reflux

npm install [save] reflux

Check out the source code at Github and have fun Refluxing!