Reflux 0.1.5 out in the wild!

Since 0.1.2 the following has happened thanks to the help from @bripkens and @Dashed.

The Changelogs

The changelogs are here: v0.1.3, v0.1.4, and v0.1.5 is a hotfix and has no Github milestone.

Other than bugfixes and possibility to test through testling the following new features have been implemented:

Actions now have pre-emit hooks

You can intercept action invocation before events are emitted by overriding the hooks provided: preEmit and shouldEmit. They provide ways to do some aspect oriented injection on actions and also a way to prevent bad arguments coming in through the actions.

Here is an example:

Actions.statusUpdate.preEmit = function() { console.log(arguments); };
Actions.statusUpdate.shouldEmit = function(value) {
    return value > 0;

// Should output: 1

Actions are now deferred for reals

To change the behavior of deferred actions, you may override the Reflux.nextTick function. E.g. if you want to use process.nextTick in NodeJS:


The default implementation is using window.setTimeout(..., 0);.

Wanna help out?

Be sure to check out the project and leave suggestions or comments in the issue tracker.

Happy refluxing!